A lot of homeowners ask if pressure washing will damage the surface. Well, to make things simple. The answer is yes. However, you can easily avoid damaging the surface if you know how to properly use a pressure washer and follow the safety measures.  

Without the right knowledge and experience of how to properly operate a pressure washer, you will definitely cause expensive damage to the surface you’re trying to clean. This includes: 

  • Cracks or splinters in stone or wood surfaces. 
  • Paint can be unreasonably discolored or removed. 
  • You can remove or dent accidentally shutters, shingles, siding, and much more. 
  • Water can build up below the siding of a house. This can cause the development of mildew and mold. 

Keep in mind that the things mentioned above are just a couple of examples. If you want to do the correct Sarasota pressure washing technique, you have to understand several things.  

Pressure Washing Methods 

Power washing isn’t simply a chore. There are skills and science behind it. Though power washing might not be as complicated as, let’s say, golf, it does need a little knowledge and practice.  

For instance, let’s say you’re cleaning the siding. You are likely allowing water to flow inside the siding if you pressure wash against the grain and where the gaps are exposed.  

The Distance of Pressure Washing 

Aside from the right pressure, you will also have to consider the distance of the surface and the wand of the pressure washer. What do you think will happen if you pressure wash the surface of your deck and the distance between the wand and the surface is only 3 inches? Of course, you’ll obviously remove the dirt. However, you will also leave discoloration, scratches, and marks on the surface. That isn’t great.  

You will know the right distance required by the surface you want to wash. The distance used in cleaning stucco will not be the same if cleaning vinyl siding. The distance used in cleaning brick will not be the same if cleaning concrete.  

The Right Amount of Pressure 

You should always keep in mind that pressure is not always an excellent thing. For those who do not know, the risk of damaging the surface increases as you increase the pressure of the water.  

Particular surfaces can handle a huge amount of pressure. This includes concrete. Oftentimes, high pressure is needed to get rid of grime and dirt on concrete surfaces. On the other hand, high pressure is not recommended for cleaning other surfaces, such as roof shingles. Water can get underneath a roof easily. This will lead to a lot of expensive issues.  

Pressure washing your house is extremely complicated. There are a lot of things that you have to consider. That is why if you want to avoid damaging the surface, it is best to hire experts to do the job. Professionals generally have the experience, the knowledge, and the skills required to pressure wash a surface without damaging it. This means that your surface will be cleaned properly.