Hair loss is considered as a very common things and most women and men will experience it at some point of their life. As a matter of fact, hair loss can take place for a wide number of reasons and sometimes, it is completely normal and nothing for you to worry about. 

It’s quite normal to lose hair every day, but at times, hair loss could be severe and because of that, you will be needing hair restoration or hair replacement treatments. In this article, we will be telling you the signs that you have to watch out for the moment you thing that your hair may be thinning excessively. 

  1. Your Hair Often Falls Off in Clumps

As we have already mentioned above, we are all prone to losing our hair and you will notice this naturally when you are washing or brushing your hair. In addition to that, for some people, you may start to notice that you are losing more compared to your daily hair’s normal fingers. Having said that, when clumps of hair comes when brushing your hair or maybe you notice clumps of hair when you wash your hair, it can certainly mean that your hair is already thinning excessively and because of that, you may need a professional hair treatment procedure. 

  1. Check if You Have Bald Patches

When you feel like you’re experiencing hair loss excessively, or in the last few months it has been natural to you to find clumps of hair fall, then another sign that you should look out for is thinning and if there are balding areas that you can find on the scalp.  

  1. You Feel that Your Hair Becomes Lighter

For those people with thicker hair, you will know and feel your hair’s weight when you are brushing or styling it. One sign of thinning hair is when you notice that your hair’s weight is changing, it may also feel lighter than normal and because of that, we can say that it can be relatable to your thinning of hair. 

  1. You Experience Problems When Styling Your Hair

 When it comes to brushing or styling your hair every day, chances are you may be able to notice that your hair is already thinning excessively. One good example of this is that if you usually wear or style your hair tied up, you will certainly notice that your hair may feel much thinner than usual, and because of that you will more likely to have more turns of hair tie in order to make sure that your hair is even more secured. 

  1. Your Scalp is Becoming More Visible

Commonly, most women tend to lose their hair from the top portion of their heads and near the parting, unlike males who often start to lose their hair initially from the front area of their head. As a matter of fact, one good sign that you should look out for is when you notice that your parting is widening, changing, and or your scalp becomes more visible compared to your usual scalp as it can be due to excessive hair thinning.